About US

      Sharp One Co.Ltd,  has a team of dedicated engineers with more than 10 year's experience in designing,develoment,manufacturing and marketing of drill bit grinding machines.
     We studied end users requirements from around the world and the advantages and disadvantages of each brand to develop our own state of  the art multi-purpose drill bit sharpening machine-As a result the all new simple to use multi point drill bit grinder " M " series has been launched.
     Sharp One Co.Ltd, has obtaines various country patents and safety requirements. From our extensive market research,our design engineers have identified the importance of using high-precision quality production parts and the standaraization of key components, making it easy for either the end user or our dealers around the ensuring your M series drill bit grinder is ready for use at all times with thehighest of quality,saving you the customer time and money.

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Award-Winning Area
2020 National Invention And Creation Silver Medal

2020 Taiwan Excellence Award

Patents around the World
United States Patent NO:USD77615S

United States Patent NO:US9630288B2

United States Patent NO:US9796061B2